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Canberra Corporation, a Toledo, Ohio-based manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for the commercial, institutional and industrial markets, has now been a Safer Choice partner since 2009. 

Safer Choice (previously known as Design for the Environment), is a program that recognizes companies for promoting the protection of human health and the environment through safer chemistry.

All chemicals in a Safer Choice-labeled product are evaluated through the United State Environmental Protection Agency's rigorous scientific process and only the safest ingredients are allowed. Partners of Safer Choice are also required to undergo annual reviews, including on-site audits, to verify product ingredients and ensure compliance with all program requirements.

“We’re committed to informed substitution, transparency, proactive chemical management, sustainable chemistry and innovation in our operations and across all of our owned brand professional and household products," says Kelly Okdie, senior director of product quality, compliance and development at Canberra Corporation. “Offering Safer Choice Certified products supports this.”

Canberra Corporation currently has 25 products that meet the Safer Choice standard.