Canadian flag in front of view of False Creek and the Burrard street bridge in Vancouver, Canada.

With more than 20 million square feet of new office space going up throughout its borders, Canada is experiencing a bit of a boom. This expansion presents the cleaning industry with a good opportunity for itself to grow, says Kaivac in a statement to the press.

Despite possessing a population of just 35 million people, Canada has developed more than 200,000 jobs over the past year, suggesting America’s northern neighbor is experiencing some positive improvement. The growth of  the country’s commercial construction was stagnate for a few years, but is now on the rise, and the expectation is that growth will continue in the coming years.

Kaivac, which is headquartered in Hamilton, Ohio, believes the growth is most attractive to those in the cleaning industry.

“More buildings mean more buildings to clean, opening more doors of opportunity for Canadian cleaning contractors,” says Marc Ferguson, Kaivac’s vice president of global sales.