Dallas, Texas USA - February 2021: Winter storm Uri

Allied Restoration Services Inc., a Southern California-based restoration service, is sending 20 of its Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-certified staff out to Texas to help residents recover from Winter Storm Uri, the worst storm to hit the region in over 100 years. Allied is offering its water mitigation, decontamination, and other service necessary to restore the structure and function of homes and businesses in the area.

"We are all in this together. Our team is proficient in mitigating this kind of water related damage, so we knew we had to get down there to help these families and businesses,” said Allied Restoration's Founder and CEO O.P. Almaraz. "As we have top-knowledge and certifications in water damage repair, dry-down and water extraction, we see it as our responsibility to help out those in need regardless of the distance from our headquarters.

Allied Restoration's 20 employees are headquartered in Houston, one of the most impacted regions of the storm, assessing damage and developing comprehensive repair plans, containing and extracting water in homes, dehumidifying spaces for further water damage prevention using industrial-grade fans and restoring damaged homes to pre-loss conditions. Those in Texas seeking the help and expertise of Allied Restoration, can schedule consultations and site visits through (888) 860-1003.

Winter Storm Uri’s devastated the state of Texas breaking temperature records and smashing centuries-old snow records in some areas of the state. An infrastructure and public health disaster, at least 17 people in the state died from storm conditions and homes across the state suffered massive damages. More than three million in Texas lived for several consecutive days without electricity, water and heat. Some experienced as low as sub-zero temperatures for over 24 hours and dozens of Texans were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning after heating their homes with gas stoves and running cars.