Detailed vector outline of the state of California

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed an order that extends worker's compensation coverage to people working on the frontline against COVID-19.

The worker's compensation will be retroactively be given to frontline workers who test positive for COVID-19 between March 19 to 60 days past May 6 - the day Newsome signed the order, according to 23ABC News Bakersfield.

ABC says classifies these frontline workers as those employed as healthcare workers, janitors, first responders, warehouse and farm workers. The benefits granted under Newsom's order are to cover costs that are not paid for through federal programs devoted to people on sick leave due to COVID-19.

California must be feeling really thankful for its frontline janitors right now. A hospital in Los Angeles County recently teamed up with a local Boys & Girls Club to send colorful thank you cards to the janitorial staff of one area commercial cleaning company.