As reported by the Los Angeles Business Journal.

A proposed state law that would have made it more difficult to fire security guards and other building service workers failed to pass the Legislature after a fierce opposition campaign by building owners and other business groups.

The bill, AB 350, was backed by service worker unions and would have required building service contractors to keep existing workers for 90 days after a switch of contractors. It was modeled on similar laws in Los Angeles for grocery and hotel workers.

Service worker unions argued the bill was needed to reduce cutthroat competition among building contractors that was driving down wages. But building owners and business groups said the bill was an unwarranted intrusion into the workplace and would make it much more difficult for building owners to switch contractors when complaints arose.

The bill breezed through the Assembly and passed several Senate committees earlier this year. But after fierce opposition from building owners and business groups, the bill failed to garner enough votes on the Senate floor for passage.