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On July 15-17, 2019, the leading minds in the world of cleaning and disaster restoration will gather in scenic Oxford, Ohio, at Miami University for the Cleaning Industry Research Institute’s (CIRI) 2019 Science Symposium.

This year the conference — developed for seasoned professionals, researchers, educators, trainers and consultants — will feature a keynote, “Anticipating Threats to Human Health.”

Moderated by Dr. Greg Whiteley, the panel will discuss infection control, pathogens, exposures and the human biome. Scheduled speakers include:

• Dr. Andy Maier: Cardno Chem Risk, Cleaning and Asthma - A Look at Current Safety Assessment Weight of Evidence Methods
Dr. Maier has over 25 years of professional work experience in the areas of environmental health, occupational hygiene, and toxicology. He currently serves as a Senior Managing Health Scientist with Cardno ChemRisk.

• Dr. Richard Shaughnessy, Univ. of Tulsa, Okla.:  Do fresh air and clean classrooms have anything to do with our children’s health in schools?
Dr. Shaughnessy is a world-renowned expert in indoor air quality (IAQ) and the Director of the Indoor Air Quality Research Program at the University of Tulsa. He is internationally recognized in air quality, environmental quality, and measurement systems in buildings and facilities.

• David Harry, Geerpres:  From the Floor Up — Microbiological Findings of Laundered Versus Single Use Microfiber Mops
David Harry of Sustainable Scientific Solutions has 40 years R&D pertaining to global production,  formulating cleaning and disinfection experience: including personal care, I&I and most recently healthcare as it pertains to tool solutions designed to eliminate Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s).

In addition to this anticipated sessions, CIRI Science Symposium will feature no less than 18 laser-focused “lightning” presentations and six Q&A panel discussions. Several will be based on original research and research reviews, including some on research conducted specifically for the symposium.