The Cleaning Industry Research Institute International (CIRI) will host its Science Symposium On Antimicrobials & Cleaning Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology Conference Center in Atlanta, November 9-11. The symposium will focus on the profusion and confusion over many new and different types of disinfectants, sanitizers and antimicrobials while attempting to answer questions such as:
    •    What are "green disinfectants" and can they be promoted?
    •    Are there means to reduce microbial contamination with wipes, squeegees and just cleaning?
    •    Which disinfection methods are reduced-chemical or chemical-free and how do they perform?
    •    What antimicrobial technologies work faster and better?
    •    Which are best for routine cleaning and use in higher risk environments, such as hospitals and health care facilities?
    •    Whose claims and labeling of disinfectant cleaners, sanitizers and antimicrobials are reliable?

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