Green ribbon barrier inside an airport with the warning of travel restrictions due to the spread of the dangerous Coronavirus

Cleaning companies and staff that routinely or plan to internationally travel for work events, consulting, equipment demonstrations or other needs need to be aware of new requirements set forth by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Effective Dec. 6, the CDC revised the current Global Testing Order to shorten the timeline for required testing for all international air travelers to one day before departure to the United States. This revision strengthens already robust protocols in place for international travel, including requirements for foreign travelers to be fully vaccinated.

As more information is gathered about the Omicron variant, this new one-day testing policy intends to protect travelers and the health and safety of American communities from COVID-19. These Orders put in place a stringent and consistent global international travel policy that is guided by public health.

The announcement means that beginning December 6, all air travelers, regardless of citizenship or vaccination status, are required to show a negative pre-departure COVID-19 viral test taken the day before they board their flight to the United States. For example, a passenger whose flight to the United States is at any time on a Sunday would need to have a negative test taken at any time on Saturday.

CDC continues to recommend that all travelers get a COVID-19 viral test 3-5 days after arrival, and that unvaccinated travelers should quarantine for 7 days after travel.

In other COVID-19 related news, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently extended the comment period for the emergency temporary standard (ETS) affecting up to 84 million workers. Read more on the potential requirements and implications here