Man wearing a mask flips a sign to say a business is open

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a half dozen informational graphics that provide advice as to when schools, restaurants and other businesses should re-open during the COVID-19 pandemic, report multiple media outlets.

The flow chart pertaining to bars and restaurants neatly demonstrates the steps these establishments must successfully take before re-opening to the public. The first steps, of course, are tied to whether or not the business would be violating state or local orders by re-opening and whether the business is prepared to protect its high-risk employees. If the restaurant or bar does meet these criteria, it progresses through the flow chart to the next phase, which necessitates that recommended health and safety actions are followed. After completing that portion of the checklist, these types of businesses move onto the final phase, which requires ongoing monitoring of the facility.

The complete flowchart checklist for bars and restaurants can be viewed here.

The flow chart involving schools is similarly constructed. Before anything else can be considered, the CDC suggests schools ensure their high risk students and employees are protected and that students and staff can be screened for symptoms. The CDC also suggests the cleaning and disinfection of schools be intensified and that all employees be trained on health and safety protocols.

Flow charts have also been created to inform child care facilities, workplaces, camps and mass transit services.