man sick with the flu

The most recent data gathered by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests positive influenza tests in the United States continues to dwindle, However, the CDC cautions that the dip in data might not be exactly what it seems.

In its most recent "FLUVIEW" report, which applies to the week ending March 21, the CDC says the amount of people testing positive for the flu at clinical facilities decreased by 14.9 percent last week to 6.9 percent.

"Laboratory confirmed flu activity as reported by clinical laboratories continues to decrease; however, influenza-like illness activity is increasing," says the report. 

The CDC says the COVID-19 outbreak could be deterring people from seeking healthcare for the flu, which would in turn impact the data on influenza-like illness.

Four states are demonstrating minimal influenza-like illness activity right now: Arizona, Florida, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. "Minimal activity" is the lowest classification of activity the CDC provides. 

In contrast, 34 states and New York City continue to show high flu activity.