Consolidated Chemical Works, Ltd. (CCW) has recently split from its marketing and sales partner of more than 50 years, PortionPac, and is now supplying its industrial surface-cleaning agents direct to the cleaning industry. Now, new direct customers of CCW can realize a savings thanks to CCW’s consolidation of the producer and supplier roles. The products are marketed under the name CCWconcentrates.

This is a major step for an innovative Chicago family business that had been the exclusive supplier to its marketing partner, PortionPac, since 1964.

CCW is the inventor of portion-controlled, high-concentrate, unit-dosed cleaning products, now well known to the Jan-San and I & I industries.

“Why ship mostly water, when you can concentrate the product,“ said Syd Weisberg, the company’s founder, some 50 years ago. Today, CCW’s cleaners are used by institutions in more than 30 U.S. states.

Its products – even the packaging itself – are made in its Ashland Ave. plant by Chicagoans, many of whom have worked with the Weisberg’s for years. The company is directed by Warren Weisberg, the founder’s son, along with family members including his daughter and son-in-law.

Weisberg, a University of Illinois-trained chemist, has formulated the company’s entire product line, has personally engineered and built every machine in the efficient CCW plant, and has now led CCW for more than 45 years.

Today, CCW offers half a dozen industrial cleaning products, all in unit-dose packs that save the end-user time and money by enabling precise portion control, inventory management and lower shipping and storage costs. CCW’s products and packaging are intrinsically sustainable, and most of its formulations have earned Green Seal certification.