Glass Trophy Award. Vector illustration

Canada Cartage Logistics Solutions (CCLS) has been awarded both first and second place honors as Ecolab’s 3PL “Partner Of The Year." 

CCLS provides Ecolab with fulfillment services for cleaning and sanitation supplies for the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba from CCLS facilities in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Winnipeg facility placed first and the Calgary facility placed second amongst Ecolab’s 15 different 3PL providers across North America.    

The awards were given to CCLS based on a scorecard that includes order accuracy, dock-to-stock time, on-time order fulfillment, inventory accuracy, and other key performance metrics. 

“We’ve had a long, successful partnership with Ecolab going back almost 20 years,” said CCLS Senior Vice President Scott Lane. “Even with the long relationship we’ve enjoyed, our team is committed to continuously improving our service levels with Ecolab, and these awards demonstrate the strong collaboration between our two companies.”

“CCLS has been a valued 3PL partner of Ecolab,” said Manpreet Gupta, Regional Logistics Manager, Ecolab Customer Care Centers. “They are fast and responsive to our needs and are proactive in helping us to manage our warehouse processes more effectively and efficiently. I can't thank the CCLS Calgary and Winnipeg teams enough for their perpetual support, as the team does everything it can to keep the lines of communication open to accommodate the specific needs of our customers.”