Spectra254, a provider of UVC light disinfection solutions, announced that Connecticut-based ambulatory surgical center Danbury Surgical Center has chosen the Spectra 1000 Series ultraviolet light decontamination system to augment its existing disinfection protocols to help prevent the spread of Healthcare Acquired Infections among patients and employees.

“When it comes to infection control, there is no such thing as too much,” said Guen Kaffenberger, Danbury Surgical Center’s Administrator. “We have developed an internal protocol that adds UVC light disinfection to our already stringent chemical and manual cleaning protocols, helping to ensure that our disinfection rate is as close to 100 percent as possible.”

Danbury Surgical Center, located in Danbury, Conn., has been serving the greater Danbury area for more than 30 years. The center has four operating rooms, two procedure rooms and performs close to 8,000 procedures annually in the following specialties: gastroenterology, pain management, orthopedics, ophthalmology, general surgery, dental, plastic surgery, urology and podiatry.

Kyle Friedman, Danbury Surgical Center’s Director of Nursing, noted that the surgical center intends to develop a schedule for disinfecting rooms throughout the facility using the Spectra 1000 Series decontamination system. The surgical center also plans to conduct periodic quality control tests to verify proper UVC energy dosage delivery and will pursue a study to examine infection rates prior to and following one year of use of Spectra254’s UVC light disinfection system.

“Danbury Surgical Center and its staff are dedicated to patient safety and consider preventing Healthcare Acquired Infections a top priority, “said Dennis Boyle, Spectra254’s President. “UVC light disinfection systems have become an important tool in the fight against deadly super bugs.”