Did you know that dirt and dust can reduce the energy output of solar modules by up to 20 percent? A new pressure washer accessory designed for thorough cleaning of solar panels addresses this issue and more.

The iSolar Kärcher features two rotary brushes and a telescopic lance that can clean up to 16,145 square feet of panel economically, depending on the model, and can be used with any professional pressure washer with a flow rate of at least 4.85 gallons per minute.

iSolar comes in a single — small area coverage — and dual — large area coverage — disk brush configuration. Both brush configurations are made from non-scratch nylon bristles, providing safe and gentle cleaning of panels.

Powered by water from the pressure washer, the brushes rotate in opposite directions, allowing the washer to be guided in straight runs with little effort. When it is connected to its adjustable telescopic lance, the operator can safely clean up to 45 feet.

The lances are made of high-quality carbon and carbon composite that make them light and durable, and they have a ball valve control that allows the operator to easily switch on or off the water flow. All of the product’s connections are made of brass and stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

When water alone is not enough to clean solar panels, a low-alkali detergent is recommended.