Shamrock Auto Care is a family owned and operated automotive repair business in Monroe, North Carolina. Shamrock’s technicians work on brakes, transmissions, shocks and more, so their hands come in contact with oil, grease, dirt and adhesives daily, all of which can be very difficult to clean. Shamrock was using an industrial hand cleanser, but wanted a more effective solution that would leave its employee’s hands looking and feeling good.

“Our employees work hard every day,” said Chasity White, administrative assistant at Shamrock Auto Care. “No matter how many times they washed their hands, there was always dirt left behind.”

Shamrock Auto Care replaced its previous hand cleanser with KrestoGT because of its ability to quickly remove heavy grease, grime, oil, adhesives, tar and paint, while being easy on workers’ hands.

“We heard about the Deb product from employees at another automotive shop who raved about how well it worked, so we decided to try it,” said White.

KrestoGT uses natural, biodegradable cornmeal scrubbers that won’t clog drains. It can be used as needed throughout the day and at the end of the work shift. KrestoGT contains super fatting conditioners that help the skin replace lost moisture and keeps hands from drying out.

“We like the Deb cleanser because it keeps the technicians’ hands clean and their skin moist – a benefit we weren’t experiencing with our previous product,” said White.

Shamrock Auto Care experiences numerous benefits since switching to KrestoGT, including:

 • Shamrock Auto Care now spends 50 percent less on hand cleanser because employees use less product to clean their hands

 • Employees are now able to easily remove all dirt and grime after each shift, and their hands feel better

 • Shamrock Auto Care reduced its environmental footprint because all cartridge components and packaging are recyclable, while formulations are biodegradable

 • The KrestoGT formula uses cornmeal scrubbers which is a renewable resource that is better for the environment and won’t clog drains, providing further sustainability benefits

“Our previous hand cleanser didn’t work even a third as well as the Deb cleanser,” said White. “We would go through the old cleanser much faster because it didn’t clean well so our employees would have to use more.”

“Since we started using KrestoGT, it’s the first time I’ve actually been able to see the technicians’hands without grease or dirt that’s left behind,” White concluded.