Well, if you believe the reviews for Dewey’s Pizza with three locations in Cincinnati, Ohio, then this place is great. With over 100 reviews on Yelp and nearly as many on Google Reviews, Dewey’s has a 4.5 star rating. In other words it’s about as close to five stars as any restaurant can get.
Because it’s so well-known and popular throughout the Ohio area for its tasty pizza, you can be sure the busy back kitchen takes a beating each and every day. According to Ashley Ashbrook, a manager at Dewey’s, scrubbing and cleaning dirty floors at the end of the night is not what any of his staff members want to do.

“Who wants to push dirty water across the floor with a mop and bucket and a squeegee?” he adds.
So to handle their kitchen cleaning, Dewey’s turned to another four-and-a-half star firm, Kaivac, for some help.
With the Kaivac OmniFlex dispense-and-vac system specifically made for cleaning commercial kitchens, fresh cleaning solution is applied directly to the floor via a spigot at the bottom of a trolley bucket. No mops are used.  Instead the floor is brushed as needed to loosen soils which are then vacuumed up, removing both moisture and soils, and making sure the floor is ready for use in minutes.
“The Kaivac OmniFlex saves time, energy and labor dollars,” says Ashbrook.  “It allows us to vacuum up all the dirty water from every single crevice in the kitchen…and leaves the cleanest floors I have ever seen in a commercial kitchen.”