Experts say that most restaurants close their doors after three years of being in business. The ability to develop long-term loyalty, especially in an era where one bad Yelp review can spell disaster, is a laudable (sometimes impossible) achievement.

Since its opening in 2001, Emil’s Bistro & Marketplace has paved the way for offering a casual, fun, and sophisticated dining experience in Tullahoma, Tenn. The foundation for this success has been based upon preparing food with honesty, consistency, and elegance by Chef Georges Martin, a native of France.

In addition to offering high-quality food in a casual setting, the restaurant also takes unique steps to enhance the customer experience by offering a progressive approach toward odor management.

Located between the restaurant and the adjacent lodging area is the dumpster shared by both, which became an odor issue for Georges and his wife, Tammy, who manages the business aspects of their venture.

After trying various perfume-based solutions, such as Lysol sprays and other solutions that were merely masking the odors, Georges and Tammy turned to Fresh Wave IAQ for help. By applying Fresh Wave IAQ Spray Gel in the dumpster twice a week, they were able to completely remove any foul odors coming from the receptacle or the trash deposited into it.

“As a trained Chef, my sense of smell is very important,” said Martin. “As such, we needed the most effective odor management solution that actually works and keeps our loyal guests happy at all times.”

Though as any restaurateur can attest to, odors are not always confined to the dumpster areas. Other odors, such as those from the restrooms, commonly make their way into other undesirable locales (like the dining room). Georges and Tammy employ the Fresh Wave IAQ Gel products to completely rid the bathrooms of their bad smells. 

Another example involves the Friday buffet hosted at Emil’s Bistro & Marketplace, where raw vegetables, like cabbage and other scent offenders, often overpowers the rest of the buffet. As such, Georges and Tammy simply place Fresh Wave IAQ Gel products underneath the buffet table to control any and all food malodors.

“We fully understand that many people have sensitivities to foul odors and to many commonly used perfume-based solutions,” added Martin. “Fresh Wave IAQ has helped us safely and effectively tackle our odor challenges, and we look forward to our continued use of such a great product.”