It was late on a Saturday evening when an Aluf distributor got a panic call from one of his customers. The 200 cases of green plastic liners required by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA), with 40 cases needed for a tournament beginning Monday evening, were the wrong shade of green. 

The customer hoped the distributor might be able to rescue him from his erroneous purchase decision in time to meet the delivery deadline of 5 p.m. on Monday.

Further complicating the unreasonable time constraints and requirements for a particular green color were the size of the liners, which needed to be 28-inches by 44-inches — not a very popular inventory  item.

The distributor immediately called Aluf Plastics, as he was familiar with the company’s enormous manufacturing capabilities and custom production agility. 

A few hours later, just after 9 p.m. on Saturday, the distributor received a return call from Joe Rosenberg, vice president of Aluf Plastics.  A plan was quickly formulated to meet the impossible deadline.

Sunday Morning Wake-Up
First thing on Sunday morning, the distributor’s phone rang again.  It was Joe calling from his car with his children in tow.  They were on the way to the plant to email images of Aluf’s green bag options to the distributor so a determination could be made regarding a color match. 

While at the plant, Joe evaluated the production schedule for Monday morning and made adjustments to accommodate the job. 

Within hours, the distributor confirmed the order and approved the green material.  He assured Joe that his customer would have a representative onsite at the Aluf plant at 9 o’clock sharp the next morning for a final approval.

Monday Evening PGA Green Hero
Right on time on Monday morning, the customer representative was at the Aluf manufacturing plant and the line started running. 

By noon, the immediately needed 40 cases of “PGA green” plastic liners were loaded into the customer’s truck and on their way to the tournament, arriving with an hour to spare before the 5 p.m. deadline.  The balance of the order was shipped out later that day for use in the customer’s future events.