A leading New York healthcare facility decided to replace most of its carpeting with tile flooring, which the center’s facility managers figured would be easier to maintain and clean. For the most part, they were happy with their decision.
However, they soon realized that hard-surface floor maintenance can have its drawbacks because stripping and refinishing floors is so time-consuming and labor intensive.
To expedite the cleaning process their distributor suggested they use a wet/dry vacuum and recommended a new machine just introduced: the P 15 (polyethylene body) and S 15 (stainless steel) Wet-Dry Vacuums from Tornado.
Before even turning it on, the managers liked that it has “easy-transport” wheels for effortless maneuverability. Also, the P 15 has a swivel hose connector to allow full 360-degree hose rotation—another worker time reducer.
And the P 15 comes complete with all the tools necessary for a variety of jobs—hose, wands, carpet tools, squeegee, crevice tool, dusting tool—all standard.
But turning on the wet/dry vac was the biggest surprise. This powerful machine has a 1.61 hp vacuum motor, generating 114 cfm and waterlift of 100 inches—more than enough power to remove liquids, soils, and contaminants from the facility’s floors.
But how does it perform? “We used the P 15 to remove the stripper and old finish to see if it could speed up worker productivity,” says one of the managers. “It worked flawlessly and time and labor were cut significantly.”
After testing the vacuum, they were sold on Tornado’s P 15. “Not only does this machine perform well,” said the manager, “but we were surprised how reasonably priced the P 15 is as well.”