Soldiers are taught to be “always ready” to deal with any situation that comes up. And if you clean military bases, the equipment used must be “always ready” as well.

“There simply is no room for equipment failure in the military,” says Larry Gillis, whose company, Nova Commercial, cleans some of the largest military bases in California and Hawaii.

Because of this, the vacuum cleaners Gillis selects are manufactured by Powr-Flite, and the machine he likes most is Powr-Flite’s PF70, 12-inch upright vacuum cleaner.
Designed for heavy-duty cleaning, the PF70 generates 75 cfm of cleaning power and includes Power-Flite’s Vibra-Flite agitator system for increased agitation. Its cloth bag is designed to eliminate clogs, keeping the motor cool, and providing excelled cleaning performance.

“But what we like most is that this machine is so durable,” says Gillis. “We can count on the PF70 to be ready whenever we are.”