A Chicago condominium was having difficulty keeping its hallway carpets clean. Because of little airflow in the hallways, the carpets took hours to dry after cleaning — causing re-soiling to occur as tenants walked on the wet carpets.
To solve the problem, the company placed Tornado’s Windshear 3000 air movers in the hallways because their distributor told them it’s the movement of air that helps expedite drying time, reducing re-soiling.
Why the Windshear 3000?
“Because they can be stacked for easy storage and operate at three different angles,” says Sam Ambrose, an engineer with the condominium’s management firm. “And the handle and cord wrap are molded into the machines so we can easily carry them from floor to floor.”
Ambrose also likes the variable airflow on the Windshears.

“We can place them at a low setting (1,600 cfm) for small areas and higher setting (2,500 cfm) for long hallways,” he says.
As to re-soiling, Ambrose says the carpets can now go six months before they need to be cleaned.

“This is a significant cost savings for us, and the credit goes to those powerful little Windshears.”