The project manager of a large automotive manufacturing plant was approached by Deb about trying GrittyFOAM — a heavy duty foam hand cleanser with suspended cornmeal bio-scrubbers.

GrittyFOAM was presented to help eliminate clogged drains caused by current pumice-based product and reduce the level of annual water consumption. In addition, Deb’s foam hand cleanser requires less product allowing savings up to 45 percent on annual hand cleanser consumption. Associates were also informed that GrittyFOAM would be gentler on their hands unlike the previous orange-scented product.

The associates’ feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Nine out of 10 employees preferred GrittyFOAM, and the facility quickly decided to permanently switch.

“We were able to provide employees with a premium, more sustainable product while actually reducing overall costs,” said the project manager. “That’s a pretty big feat in our industry.”