Empty class room of elementary school

Flu season can be a difficult time of year for those working in schools. That's why the custodial crew at Brookfield Local Schools, in Brookfield, Ohio, are taking the next step in cleaning innovation with an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer.

According to WYTV reporting, school officials hoped to test how technology combats germs, so they reached out to a local distributor, and received the tool free of charge. It was quickly added to the cleaning arsenal in an effort to reduce absenteeism among students and staff.

The sprayer, by Victory Innovations Co., uses hypochlorous acid, but the electrostatic technology in the tool allows the chemical to wrap around surfaces and cover areas that are prone to harbor germs. The distributor, Rhiel Supply, gave away hundreds of the sprayers to area schools that submitted applications.

The Brookfield schools plan to use theirs to disinfect all classrooms, hallways and offices from kindergarten through 12th grade. Although the step of cleaning is still necessary, the technology allows for quick disinfection.

Overall, school officials hope that incorporating the technology will cut down on the time it takes to disinfect the schools. The school cleaners expect to be able to tackle an entire hallway in a half hour — including all the classrooms, restrooms and offices.

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