A man using a dishwashing machine
Courtesy Of MEIKO

MEIKO, a member of the commercial warewashing industry, announced the release of a report by Frontier Energy that found changing to a MEIKO M-iQ flight-type dishwashing machine saved the San Ramon Marriott hotel in San Ramon, California more than $23,000 a year. 

The report compares two flight-type rackless conveyor dishwashers. The hotel’s pre-existing, past-generation flight conveyor dish machine was tested first, followed by MEIKO’s M-iQ equipped with an exhaust air heat recovery system.

Water flow, electricity use, hot/cold-water supply temperature and dish machine sanitizing rinse time were monitored for a one-month period. Frontier Energy then used this data, along with local utility rates and chemical cost estimates, to calculate daily water and energy use for the machines, resulting in an estimated annual savings of more than $23,000 when using MEIKO’s M-iQ.

“MEIKO understands the demands of hotel dish rooms and the importance of warewashing machines designed specifically to provide the industry’s most effective and efficient cleaning,” says Markus Braun, president of MEIKO . “This report clearly illustrates that MEIKO stands apart from the competition, and it validates that our machines contribute directly to an operation’s bottom line through significant savings in energy, water and chemical costs.”

Thanks to the M-iQ’s more efficient, final rinse system, which has a lower flowrate than most other machines, Frontier Energy’s testing revealed that MEIKO’s M-iQ used 63 percent less total water, and 84 percent less hot water, resulting in an 84 percent reduction in gas energy consumption. Electrical energy use was also reduced by 19 percent, and the estimated peak demand was reduced by 36 percent.