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Contributed by R-Water.

Dallas County, Texas, is responding to the rising threat of COVID-19 variants and other infectious diseases, such as the deadly superbug Candida Auris. They are preparing local sites so that a device that produces TK60, a hypoallergenic disinfectant, can be installed. TK60 kills COVID-19 and its variants 30 times faster than most disinfectants on the market.  Dallas County made this decision after reviewing the impressive results other Dallas businesses, schools, and medical facilities have seen since implementing R-Water’s technology at the onset of the global pandemic.  

“It is so important for our community members to have safe, swift-acting disinfectants for home use. R-Water’s system can make 300 gallons of the disinfectant, TK60, per day. That can protect a lot of families and businesses, especially now, when cases are on the rise,” says Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann, who has made the disinfectant available to his community throughout the pandemic at ACE Hardware in Fredericksburg, Texas. “The chemical industry needs to change, and R-Water’s sustainable technology leads the way on this front.”

“R-Water’s technology works better and faster than anything we’ve ever used before. It is also reducing the cost of chemical expenses by 54 percent, saving taxpayers money,” says Eric Herman, Public Service Manager for City of Austin Department of Building Services. Austin implemented the technology in 2018 as part of its sustainability program and utilizes the disinfectant throughout its facilities, including Human Health Services, Austin Animal Center, Austin Police Department, Austin Municipal Court, Downtown Austin Community Court, and One Texas Center.

In February, TK60 was submitted for ‘fast track’ approval to the EPA, using grant money from the Texas Department of Agriculture. This additional EPA approval will make the disinfectant available to the public for broad consumer use. To date, the EPA has delayed TK60’s approval response date. It is now set for August 30, 2021.  

TK60 was developed by a woman-owned, sustainable cleaning and disinfection company R-Water. It is produced by an EPA-regulated device that attaches directly to a facility’s water system to yield hundreds of gallons of this disinfectant per day, as well as an all-purpose cleaner.