It may surprise people to find out just how dirty vehicles can get in Hawaii. Weather is constantly changing—windward sides of the islands can be quite damp and humid, followed immediately by bright sunshine. Some days, weather conditions are changing all day long. And as is the case everywhere, add kids and pets to the mix and you have some challenging situations that can create unpleasant odors in car upholstery and carpets.

At the 2012 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention, Chuck Furtado, General Manager at Hilo Kona Mazda/Subaru/Hyundai Motors, witnessed a product demonstration of the CFR ECO 500 recycling extractor and was intrigued. When he learned about CFR’s ozone capabilities, he was “even more enticed to give the product[s] a shot at our dealership, knowing that we deal with extremely stubborn odors residing in car upholstery, and these odors negatively impact our business.”

The result?
CFR’s odor-eliminating ozone machine “flat-out works” says Furtado. “We use the ECO 500 paired with the Ozone Generator with nearly every car and truck on the lot. They have been absolutely fabulous!”

What’s more, Furtado states that the CFR ECO 500 and Ozone Generator not only increase the cleanliness of Hilo’s vehicles, they increase the profitability of the used cars as well. “And, yes…[they take] out even the worst, most overpowering smells.” Plus, dry times are so much faster compared to those of traditional extractors due to CFR’s moisture-controlled recycling technology.

In addition, Furtado says that in the three months that his dealership has had the units, they have already paid for themselves.