When running a retail business in a crowded city like New York, it is all too easy to be affected by neighboring businesses – especially when it comes to dealing with unwanted odors.

This is precisely what happened to a major clothing retailer when it opened up a store adjacent to a fish processing warehouse in New York City. Customer traffic in the retail space was steady, but the clothing smelled like fish, which lead to loyal customers returning recent purchases.

The retailer looked into a variety of solutions and eventually turned to the odor abatement experts at OMI Industries, who surveyed the space and determined that the odors from the fish processing warehouse were permeating through walls.

OMI Industries has focused on one single mission for more than 20 years: natural odor abatement solutions for nearly every environment. The engineers from OMI recommended the company’s Fresh Wave IAQ commercial-grade line of odor eliminating products, which are non-toxic and effective on both organic and inorganic odors. OMI’s science is renowned worldwide for its broad-spectrum applications and efficient performance, as well as its safe, non-toxic attributes.

Utilizing the store’s three HVAC ventilation systems, Fresh Wave IAQ was vaporized into each system and then distributed into the store and onto all the merchandise.  The store used Fresh Wave IAQ’s M130 Vapor Phase Unit, which offers a “dry” dispersion system of submicron-sized Fresh Wave IAQ molecules into the air.

Within less than a day, the fish odor was completely eliminated. Additionally, because the solution was safer than other methods that could have been employed, the store remained open for business during the time of the application.

Following the application of Fresh Wave IAQ, the fishy smells were permanently eliminated, customer returns slowed, and loyal consumers matriculated back to the store.