janitors cleaning a desk

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way most of the world looks at everyday life. Such has been the case in cleaning, as businesses are beginning to look differently at the people and companies they hire to treat their facilities.

As Franchise Times reports, businesses used to see cleaning companies as commodities only deemed worthy of selection if they were the cheapest option available. However, the terror caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has business ditching their cost-cutting ways in favor of cleaning services that provide the best protection for their employees and customers.

Even though many companies are taking cleaning services more seriously, that isn't always helping commercial cleaning companies right now. That's because the the closure of non-essential businesses and the layoffs of their employees has lead to less work for cleaning companies.

Like so many other industries, those in cleaning might have to wait to see how this situation develops to see what the future holds. However, some in the industry are already optimistic.

Paul Masters, a franchisee of Anago Cleaning Systems, which has franchises in both the United and Canada, thinks cleaning services will be in high demand once the world is finally back open for business. He tells Franchise Times that he believes most of his clients will reopen eventually and that his franchise has picked up new clients for recurring services due to the pandemic.