Brain Corp, a software technology company specializing in the development of autonomous artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems for self-driving vehicles (SDVs), has launched its first product – an A.I. brain called EMMA (Enabling Mobile Machine Automation). EMMA converts manually-driven commercial equipment into self-driving vehicles. Brain Corp officially introduced EMMA at ISSA/INTERCLEAN, a major industry trade show event that was held from October 25- 28 in Chicago. The event was attended by more than 16,000 industry professionals.

The software inside EMMA is capable of delivering enhanced floor care in terms of safety, precision and quality, while allowing humans to shift focus on higher value tasks. Brain Corp exhibited a live demo of EMMA that showcased her autonomously driving around an indoor track and safely weaving around obstacles.

During the trade show Brain Corp and specifically EMMA, won the ‘Innovation of the Year Award’ which recognizes products and services in the cleaning industry that have a positive impact in terms of practicality, sustainability, cost-savings, and other key factors. This award marks a shift in recognizing and awarding traditional commercial cleaning solutions to technologically advanced solutions. The award was presented by Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and Silicon Valley icon.

Brain Corp has since signed licensing agreements with several OEMs including International Cleaning Equipment (ICE), NSS Enterprises and Minuteman for the integration of EMMA into their cleaning machines. More recently, the company selected to partner with Pristine Environments where it will collaborate with a range of clients from various industries to enable automating their floor cleaning tasks.

Pristine Environments’ clients will leverage solutions that equip robots to perform tasks that traditionally had to be completed manually. With more than 150 million square feet of specialized buildings throughout North America, Pristine Environments focuses on clients where the quality of cleaning, safety, maintenance and appearance is critical to the function and asset value of the facility.

“We are excited to partner with Pristine Environments who will leverage and integrate our technology to support businesses across the nation,” said Eugene Izhikevich, CEO and co-founder of Brain Corp. “Pristine Environments is a shining example of a facilities management organization that aims to evolve and transform their services in parallel with the advancement in technology.”

Brain Corp is expanding into new markets and verticals, which include commercial offices, hospitals, educational facilities, warehouses and giant retail spaces. Although the initial launch targets the floor care space, Brain Corp’s A.I. technology can be applied to the entire footprint of artificial intelligence for self-driving vehicles.

“We are excited about this opportunity to work with Brain Corp and advance EMMA,” said Brian Snow, CEO and founder of Pristine Environments. “Because our clients’ operations are diverse and complex, our customized service spans multiple disciplines from engineering to janitorial in an integrated, end-to- end fashion, and by offering EMMA as a solution it will enable us to further cater to our clients’ specific needs.”

Pristine Environments focuses on deploying cutting edge technology that is highly reliable, secure and enhances the productivity of its entire workforce. The organization is committed to building an optimized infrastructure that will enhance the capabilities in every function within the company and its current and prospective customers.