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RPS Corporation, manufacturer of global commercial cleaning equipment brands has reached an agreement to license Brain Corp's BrainOS platform to power an autonomous, ride-on scrubber.

"The industry is moving towards robotics because of the value it offers to customers and their janitorial staff, and we are proud to partner with Brain Corp on this important strategic milestone for our company," says Sean Goff, CEO, RPS Corporation. "As an organization that endeavors to deliver quality and reliability to our customers, we recognize the value in partnering with Brain Corp on a project that is otherwise beyond our capabilities. BrainOS enables us to meet our quality and innovation standards, while also addressing the range of cleaning needs across our diverse customer base."   

RPS Corporation’s Factory Cat and Tomcat offer a variety of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment that include floor scrubbers, floor sweepers, burnishers and floor scrubber-sweeper machines. In addition to a focus on engineering and value, RPS Corporation delivers on the company promise to "green clean." Machines are designed to last, use zero emission battery power, and carefully control water and soap output with chemical free solutions like ZerO3.

BrainOS is a cloud-connected operating system for commercial autonomous robots. Robots powered by BrainOS navigate autonomously, operate in dynamic and complex environments, manage data, generate utilization reports, and seamlessly interact with end-users. BrainOS enables Factory Cat and Tomcat to address a diverse set of applications while also adhering to the brand's quality standards. In addition, BrainOS uses a "teach and repeat" approach that makes it easy for end customers to deploy and incorporate into their existing cleaning processes without the need for onsite engineers.  

"The partnership between Brain Corp and RPS Corporation is important because it demonstrates that manufacturers of every size can become a player in the shift towards robotics," says Christian Cornelius-Knudsen, senior vice president, Global Sales and Services, Brain Corp. "BrainOS unlocks the expansive market opportunity that robotics offers by enabling OEMs to successfully produce, deploy, and support robots at scale. Instead of being responsible for engineering the entire technology stack and funding that development process, OEMs can focus on their core business and product differentiation, greatly streamlining time-to-market."