Brain Corp, a software technology company specializing in the development of vision-based, autonomous artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems for self-driving vehicles (SDVs), announced its partnership with NSS Enterprises of Toledo, Ohio. Founded in 1911, NSS Enterprises is a manufacturer of industrial and commercial cleaning solutions, which include automatic scrubbers, battery burnishers, carpet extractors, vacuums and floor machines.

This partnership enables NSS to introduce Brain Corp’s vision-based technology, called EMMA, to its customers, which range from cleaning contractors to facility management teams. EMMA (Enabling Mobile Machine Automation) is an unmatched, efficient A.I. technology that automates commercial- grade equipment, including industrial floor care machines. Automating NSS’s cleaning equipment helps their customers maximize productivity and increase efficiency in the cleaning process.

“We are on the cusp of an automation revolution,” said Mark Bevington, President and Owner of NSS Enterprises. “NSS Enterprises’ knowledge of commercial cleaning combined with Brain Corporation’s expertise in robotics will allow us to build an effective, affordable automation solution.”

Brain Corp’s EMMA offers a smart, safe and sustainable cleaning solution that empowers laborers by teaching them to operate and manage new technology, while also allowing them to shift their attention to their organization’s core competencies or higher-value tasks. By enabling employees to multitask, Brain Corp’s revolutionary vision-technology significantly increases efficiency and improves consistency, thus resulting in a more scalable environment.

“We are excited to partner with NSS Enterprises, a respected industry veteran, to incorporate our technology into the next generation of scrubbers,” said Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, CEO and co-founder of Brain Corp. “We commend them for understanding the value of automated technology and that it allows for enhanced work quality while increasing laborers responsibilities to include higher value tasks.”

The two companies have a shared philosophy in autonomy as a service being a fundamental component for manufacturing companies with industrial warehouses. NSS employs more than one hundred people and is enabling its customers to provide cleaner, healthier and more comfortable workplaces.