Brain Corp, a software technology company specializing in the development of intelligent, autonomous artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems for self-driving vehicles (SDVs), today announced its partnership with International Cleaning Equipment (ICE). A global company headquartered in China, ICE develops specialized equipment for the industrial and commercial cleaning industry, with distribution across the United States, Europe, and Asia. ICE USA is based in Holland, MI.

The collaboration will allow both Brain Corp and ICE to provide a pooling of breakthrough technologies including lithium ion batteries, and automated driverless technology, which includes self-driving vehicles, to each of their respective customer bases. Brain Corp’s intelligent A.I. technology, EMMA (Enabling Mobile Machine Automation), can transform commercial-grade equipment, such as industrial floor care machines, into self-driving vehicles, allowing manually operated equipment to perform complex tasks without direct operator control.

“We’ve partnered with ICE because of our shared philosophy of providing cutting-edge research and development, and best-in-class technology to our customers,” said Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, CEO and co- founder of Brain Corp. “We’re confident that together we can deliver advanced floor cleaning solutions that will revolutionize the commercial cleaning industry.”

Brain Corp has developed a cost-effective, vision-based A.I. navigation system that requires zero infrastructure modifications and enables EMMA to navigate through complex indoor environments. Operators will first use Brain-enabled EMMA manually, and during this process EMMA learns her surroundings. She then uses this knowledge to autonomously navigate, while avoiding unexpected obstacles and people.

“We are excited to work with Brain Corp to incorporate their innovative technology, into our next generation product platform,” said Rob Glassmeyer, President of ICE USA “We know that successful businesses demand high-performing systems and with our strategic partnership, we can offer a high- value, differentiating service seamlessly to our customers.”

The two companies have a strong alignment with their market approaches aimed at maximizing productivity and efficiency while remaining financially-friendly. ICE designs and builds the RS26, a high quality commercial-grade scrubbing machine, which Brain Corp will automate with its cutting-edge A.I. technology.