Perceptions of the restroom and its overall cleanliness are major factors in tenant satisfaction. According to a recent survey:

 • 71 percent of tenants think an office building restroom says a lot about the facility or building manager

 • 60 percent say an unhygienic restroom lowers their opinion of the facility and indicates that management doesn’t care 1

To address these concerns, Kimberly-Clark Professional has launched C.H.E.S.S., a first- of-its- kind program that helps building managers understand the role the restroom plays in tenant satisfaction and provides them with the tools to make measurable improvements.

Kimberly-Clark Professional will unveil the C.H.E.S.S. Program and demonstrate how it can help create a Class A restroom experience at Booth 802 at the 2016 BOMA International Conference & Expo, June 26-28 in Washington, D.C.

“Restrooms are among the top three sources of tenant complaints,” said Richard Marriott, Senior Office Building Marketing leader, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “The typical office worker visits the restroom three to four times a day. In an average building, that’s a million opportunities a year to impress or disappoint. Given this, it’s essential to make sure a building’s restrooms measure up to tenant expectations.”

How it works
C.H.E.S.S. is a global program that was initially launched by Kimberly-Clark Professional in Asia-Pacific and will be rolled out in other regions in the coming months.

To participate in the C.H.E.S.S. Program, building managers are encouraged to take a short test to assess the current state of their restrooms. After identifying the areas most in need of improvement, the program offers tangible tenant satisfaction measurement tools that provide insights to enhance restroom performance in five key areas:
 • Cleanliness
 • Hygiene
 • Efficiency
 • Sustainability
 • Satisfaction

The program’s success also relies on its ability to provide tenants with well-known brands. In fact, in buildings that use Kimberly-Clark Professional restroom products, tenant satisfaction with restroom appearance and with restroom cleaning scored higher than the Kingsley Index across seven major U.S. cities, according to a recent study. 2

“Benchmarking and measurement are key ways to help improve the tenant experience across a facility and within the restroom,” said John Falco, Principal, Kingsley Associates. “The C.H.E.S.S. program demonstrates Kimberly-Clark Professional’s leadership in this area.”

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