Young female worker cleaning office

A clean office can clear the mind and increase productivity. In fact, disorganization and clutter can cause workers to have extreme anxiety when making decisions, according to Psychology Today. It can also make them feel burned out and reduce their ability to concentrate.

An article on offers a few simple steps on how to maintain a clean and organized workplace.

• Cleaning regularly is a key component to cultivating a positive workplace. Tidy workspaces will encourage tidy minds.

• Hiding electrical wires and chargers can make a big difference. A surge protector to keep all the cords charged to the same outlet can cut the clutter. If the work desks have open back, put the wires in that opening.

• Unless using paper is a must, businesses can go digital and decrease the amount of paper it uses and recycle what is no longer needed.

• Organize a workplace audit to determine what items, paperwork and supplies are truly needed. Determine what is used every day, what is used once in a while and what is never used. Create separate piles for trash, items to keep and items to donate.

Research has confirmed that clean, well-organized workplaces promote happy employees, according to CleanLink reports. A survey conducted in November 2018 found a large majority of manufacturing employees identify operational efficiency (96 percent), safety and hygiene (94 percent), and organization of work environments (93 percent) as top enhancers of their happiness on the job.