A big red stamp that reads "FALSE"

Anago Cleaning Systems, a commercial cleaning company with franchises throughout the United States and Canada, is warning businesses across the nation to beware of false COVID-19 disinfecting and sanitizing claims by non-certified commercial cleaning companies.

The three most significant scams reverberating throughout the industry are cleaning processes that instantly kill viruses; treatments that continually kill the virus for an extraordinarily long period; and offering one-time or short-cuts to proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

“There are no cutting corners when it comes to disinfecting a business or school properly,” said Adam Povlitz, CEO & president of Anago Cleaning Systems in a press release. “Businesses must beware of scams that offer quick cleaning promises against COVID-19. It is important for all businesses to conduct due diligence when purchasing commercial cleaning services, and not fall victim to false claims that may, or may not, cost less than industry-standard cleaning regimens.”

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a crack-down toward companies making false claims about treatment products is underway. False claims about zappers, virus-busting cards, and certain spices found in the kitchen cabinet like sage and oregano are reportedly offered to business owners as COVID-19 treatment protocols.

“Before signing a cleaning contract, or even before agreeing to a “one-time” cleaning, research the company and ask for the names of products they are using. The EPA has an online list of cleaning materials and technologies being used by reputable industry leaders to clean thousands of businesses and schools across the country properly,” Povlitz said.