Nearly 100 of Betco’s largest distributors joined Betco’s Senior Management team on September 12th and 13th to hear the latest economic forecasts, discuss the numerous trends that are evolving from the “new economy” and learn how to adapt by playing these trends to “Build a Better Business.”

In this two-day Summit, Alan Beaulieu of ITR Economics delivered his most recent economic forecast and Dr. John Monoky of Monoky and Associates discussed the “new normalcy” and how changes in the economy are driving changes in the buyer/seller relationship. Betco’s Marketing Department provided an overview of the numerous new programs and product systems introduced in early 2011 including Betco Symplicity Laundry and Warewash program, Betco’s CleanDegress program for the education market and Betco’s SmartSteps program for building service contractors.

Betco Distributors were introduced to Betco’s new CleanStat program for the acute and long-term healthcare markets and Betco’s new Small Area Cleaning program featuring the new GeneSys 15 small area automatic scrubber and the latest addition to Betco’s Stealth automatic rider-scrubber line, the Stealth DRS BT was introduced reaffirming Betco’s leadership position with the quietest line of auto-scrubbers in the industry.

Distributors also were also introduced to Betco’s Smart Restroom program, an industry leading program that provides water conservation benefits that deliver savings to building owners and managers month after month, year after year. Also revealed, Betco’s iBet 2.0 Interactive Information System that builds upon technology to improve selling efficiency and speed information delivery - making this the next generation of selling.

Betco’s marketing overview was complemented by a half-day exposition where Betco distributors could see and experience thecompany’s new programs and product systems firsthand.

Paul Betz, Betco’s President and CEO stated, “We wanted to bring our distributors together to learn how we are addressing the changing economic and commercial environments with Betco’s offering. In doing so, our distributors could see and experience all the solutions Betco has for our end-user customers that will help our distributor partners Build Better Businesses. We hope that this summit will be the first of many more to come.”