To continue improving Betco's third party certifications (aka. Green Certifications), they are certifying all of our products under the Underwriter Laboratory Environment (ULE) certification. ULE is the combination of UL and EcoLogo which joined forces in August of 2010. ULE is best suited to meet Betco's current and future needs as green products become more important to developing a sustainable future.
The following 8 products will be converting to ULE.
 • Green Earth Peroxide Cleaner - ULE Certification 2759
 • Green Earth Glass Cleaner - ULE Certification 2759
 • Green Earth Daily Floor Cleaner - ULE Certification 2759
 • Green Earth Floor Finish - ULE Certification 2777
 • Green Earth Prelude Finish - ULE Certification 2777
 • Clario Clear - ULE Certification 2784
 • Green Earth Foaming Skin Cleanser - ULE Certification 2784
 • Green Earth Lotion Skin Cleanser - ULE Certification 2784
As Betco updates labels to the new GHS standards, certifications will be replaced with a qualification mark and brochures will receive a small square with a qualifying statement.
"Here at Betco, Cleaning Innovations That Matter is more than just a tagline; it is the way we envision a more sustainable future,” Ken Sensel, senior project manager. “The updated certifications will show a unified approach in Betco's efforts to increase awareness of sustainable Green Earth® products and third party certifications."