Daniel Grewe


Belle Aire Creations is proud to announce the appointment of Daniel Grewe as President, effective Feb. 15, 2022. Mr. Grewe will succeed Richard David, the company’s current President and one of the founding partners of Belle Aire Creations. Richard will continue his long legacy as a founder and the first employee of Belle Aire Creations, in his new role as Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

Richard has made immeasurable contributions to our customers, partners, and teams by increasing efficiency and strengthening our operating structure. Daniel Grewe joins Belle Aire Creations from his most recent role as Executive Vice President of Sales at Custom Essence, Inc., in 2021. Mr. Grewe was also the Co-President of Ungerer & Company, a US based flavor, fragrance and specialty ingredients company; both companies were acquired by Givaudan; Ungererin 2020 and Custom Essence in 2021. 

Prior to that, Mr. Grewe served as President of Belmay, Inc., a global fragrance manufacturer that was acquired by Symrise in 2013. Under his talented leadership Daniel designed and led comprehensive growth and profit initiatives for various fragrance companies. Mr. Grewe brings a wealth of collaborative leadership experience with a passion for innovation in fragrance application technologies. Daniel Grewe is a co-inventor of two patents, the first is the Vehicle Cabin Air Filter Freshener and the other being a Vehicle Cabin Air Filter Freshener and Fragrance Strip Clip.

Mr. Grewe has been a member of multiple professional associations including the Fragrance Creators Association (FCA), National Candle Association (NCA), Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC), Household & Consumer Products Association (HCPA), Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW), International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), Professional Beauty (PBA) as well as other business-related associations through the years.

Stacey David, CEO says, “Daniel Grewe joins our company at an exciting and dynamic time. It was evident to our Executive Management Team and Board of Directors that Daniel is a global business leader who will perform at the highest level with his business acumen. Daniel has a great talent for recognizing and maximizing market trends and transitions and will lead Belle Aire Creations with the growth of our commercialization segment within the fragrance industry.”