Female florist making beautiful bouquet at flower shop

A Beijing florist took on coronavirus in a loving way by marrying some of the bouquets she sold for Valentine’s Day with hand sanitizer.

Cai Xiaoman included small bottles of hand sanitizer with the last group of bouquets she told Valentine’s Day eve, reports Reuters.

Xiaoman’s gift was a lot kinder to customers than the recent weeks have been to many in China — including herself. More than 1,400 people have been killed in China by the new coronavirus since it broke out a few weeks back. The virus has forced many to stay at home, which has caused a 90 percent reduction in Xiaoman’s sales.

Even Xiaoman’s flowers are being prepared with germs in mind. She wears a mask and gloves as she wraps every bunch of flowers.

Stateside, the coronavirus is causing a lot of worry. However, it's the flu that should be America’s greater concern.