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The bar examination prospective lawyers must take before they practice law in a specific jurisdiction is famously difficult. Considering how much time is invested into taking the test, the pain of failing the exam is considerable. However, that pain could be less than the hurt caused by contracting COVID-19, which is exactly why some people are now taking the exams in very odd locations.

Bar exams are traditionally taken in large rooms by many testers at a time. But with social distancing being as important as it is, these old setups just aren't feasible right now. That's why Texas recently had testers take its two-day in-person bar exam in the single rooms of Hilton Hotels throughout the Lone Star State, reports ABA Journal.

The odd exam setup — which is just so 2020, right? — required men and women to hunker down in their rooms alone while test supervisors walked the halls patrolling. Each person responsible for supervising (known as a test proctor) oversees about 12 testers, entering their rooms throughout the exam to ensure compliance.

What's noteworthy is that some of the test takers report that their proctors weren't always wearing face masks when checking in on them or walking the halls. This just goes to show that even when extra precautions are taken right now, some actions are bound to screw up the process.