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BSCAI recently announced the start of Certified Site Supervisor (CSS), a new certification designed for on-site supervisors, as well as other leaders. It’s BSCAI’s belief that CSS certification will be a symbol of quality leadership in the building service contracting history.

“It’s a training tool for that on-site supervisor role that runs a crew,” said Parker Moore, CBSE, in BSCAI’s announcement of the program. “It’s going to provide more knowledge to that site supervisor and that account manager for their day-to-day work and to do their job better in general.”

BSCAI already offers several other certifications, like the commonly known Certified Building Service Executive (CBSE), as well as Registered Building Service Manager (RBSM), and Registered Building Supply Professional (RBSP). However, CSS is different in that it’s dedicated to a person who is currently in day-to-day operations, and might hold off on a more advanced certification until they advance in their career.

The CSS certification focuses on various aspects of the on-site manager role, including cleaning strategy, account management and front office duties. The certification never expires.

For more on the CSS certification, go to BSCAI’s website