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Contributed By 4M Building Solutions

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the commercial cleaning industry has been on the front lines battling a situation that no one has seen before. Now the commercial cleaning industry is urging Congress for new legislation and to:

1. Provide liability protection for employers

2. Provide priority access to personal protective equipment (PPE)

3. If necessary, enact a tax credit to all business cleaning services for reentry to offset the costs

Reps. Darin LaHood (R-IL) and Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) introduced legislation (H.R. 7079) that would provide a temporary tax credit to businesses to ensure they are properly cleaned.

“As our economy begins to gradually reopen, responsible business owners will want to do everything possible to safeguard their workers and customers from COVID-19. I am proud to join Congressman LaHood and proposing a temporary tax credit to help businesses afford cleaning services and supplies, which will protect public health and spur economic activity,” says Representative Murphy.

4M Building Solutions supports this legislation through its involvement and leadership, and supports BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International) and the NSA (National Service Alliance), both of which support the legislation.

“These are important tax credits that our customers can use to clean and disinfect their buildings to provide a safer environment giving all their occupants a much greater sense of peace of mind,” says Tim Murch, chief executive officer and chairman of 4M.