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In honor of National Cleaning Week — which takes place every year starting on the fourth Sunday in March — facilities around the country are taking a closer look at how good cleaning habits can improve the health, safety and happiness of building occupants. By creating and maintaining a clean work environment, employees and employers alike will have a better outlook on their workplace experience.

Offering advice on the significance of a clean work environment is Tim Conn, the president and co-founder of the national commercial cleaning franchise Image One USA. Conn explains that there are three key components that people should bear in mind when approaching the cleanliness of office spaces and common areas during National Cleaning Week in 2022, and beyond.

1. Set regular cleaning tasks
"It's important to identify shared areas in your facility," says Conn. "This can be conference rooms, an office kitchen, and so on. Team members should have the mindset of leaving these areas better than they found them, and regularly disinfecting them. Something that will take 30 seconds now could, if left untreated, result in a lengthy cleanup in the near future. A popular time I recommend cleaning is right before the workday ends so that these spaces are not dirty the following day."

2. Modern-day problems call for modern-day solutions
"No matter how good a team member and their employees are at keeping their workplace clean, commercial cleaning professionals can do a much deeper clean than the average office goer," says Conn. "Cleaning professionals have solutions such as electrostatic spraying, which has existed for decades but gained significant popularity in 2020 for its relative ease of use."

3. People will be people
"At the end of the day, we're all human. We become busy during the day and we forget to tidy up our work space," says Conn. "When approaching cleanliness in shared areas, we have to bear in mind the big role that human nature plays in our day-to-day lives. People are creatures of habits. That said, we can encourage people to be mindful of cleanliness as a positive alternative to a perpetually dirty workplace. Cleaning should be a top priority every week of the year, but National Cleaning Week is a great reminder to start good habits and work in a clean environment."