vector imaging of a sketch depicting what goes into becoming a franchisee

The founder and CEO of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services has posted a video expressing gratitude and offering franchise opportunities to former employees of the airline industry at a substantial discount off the franchise fee, if they want to start their own cleaning companies with Office Pride.

Todd Hopkins, who described himself as a "frequent flyer," praised airline employees for helping him to stay connected with the franchisees who own and operate Office Pride franchises in 25 states across the country.

“Airline workers made a long day of work and travel better with a smile and by getting us where we needed to be,” he says.

More than 30,000 U.S. airline employees were laid off Oct. 1 after federal aid to the airline industry ran out and Congress did not agree to a new economic relief plan.

Hopkins issued a personal invitation to those employees who are interested in starting their own franchise business. He said Office Pride would extend to former airline employees the same 25 percent discount off the franchise fee that Office Pride offers military veterans.

“The commercial cleaning industry is full speed ahead," says Hopkins. “We are part of the solution in the fight against coronavirus. Our franchisees provide essential workers and services to help keep workplaces disinfected.”

 To learn more about the offer, displaced airline employees can visit