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ABM, provider of facility solutions, announced the initiation of an Energy Performance Contracting program for Dooly County School System in Georgia. Creating $3.7 million in projected energy and operating cost savings over a twenty-year period, ABM’s custom solution addresses capital and operational upgrades through ABM’s unique ability to deliver both energy-saving infrastructure solutions and ongoing services such as custodial and maintenance.

“Our technical and financial solutions help communities make sure the benefits of their investment are tangible for today’s students,” says Mark Hawkinson, President of ABM Technical Solutions.

“We not only improve infrastructure through projects like this for our clients, but we also protect and preserve those investments for students, teachers and staff with ongoing maintenance and custodial services,” says Valerie Burd, president of Education for ABM.

In addition to energy savings and operational cost reductions from improved lighting, controls, and HVAC equipment for Dooly County’s K-8 Academy and High School, the project includes increased space for the bus maintenance facility and upgrades for student athletic facilities, including additional bathrooms, new lighting systems, and upgrades to playing surfaces for the track, tennis courts, and football/soccer field.

The project also includes a new roof for the high school’s gymnasium and a redesigned HVAC system to lengthen the useful life of the roof and provide climate control for the interior.

ABM’s Energy Performance Contracting Program enables a school system to invest in critical facility upgrades without drawing new capital from the community. The program is designed to drive costs out of a district’s operating budget, redirecting savings to fund critical facility needs and educational initiatives. ABM works with more than 500 K-12 school systems, colleges, and universities throughout the U.S. This video outlines how ABM provides a way to empower investment in educational facilities without upfront costs or tax increases.

“Our students deserve state-of-the-art facilities,” says Dr. Craig Lockhart, superintendent of Dooly County School System. “This project, through an innovative solution, helps our community achieve more for each school, to perpetuate success for every student.”