blurred image of Asian janitor man mopping floor in walkway after school

When a facility decides to outsource, the most common reason is because of a lack of staff.

This was the case for the Kennett Consolidated School District in Chester County, Pennsylvania, according to an article in the "Daily Local News."

School board members voted to fill custodial staff vacancies by hiring Servicemaster. The building service contractor will provide three janitors in a one-year pilot program at Greenwood Elementary School.

Hiring an outside contract cleaning company is a solution to fill long-term vacancies. The school board stressed that there is no intention of laying off existing staff or outsourcing the entire department.

Although the education market is building service contractors’ largest target for growth, only a quarter of BSCs are currently strong in schools, according  to the “2017 Report On The Building Service Contractor Market.” But, as Servicemaster shows, filling vacant positions for schools is one successful way of getting a foothold in the market.

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