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For more than a century, BOMA International has set the standard for measuring buildings. In 1915, BOMA published its first ever floor measurement standard for office buildings. Over a century later, the BOMA 2023 Multi-Family and Hospitality Standard further builds upon BOMA's legacy of standards by introducing new concepts and moving into the hospitality field.

BOMA's standards are regularly revised to ensure they address changing industry needs and compliance with the American National Standards Institute standards development process, of which BOMA International is an ANSI Certified Standards Developer.

The BOMA 2023 for Multi-Family and Hospitality Standard includes many new features, enhancements, and clarifications. Key among them are:

• The inclusion of hospitality properties

• Outdoor amenity and retail areas

• The option of determining proportionate share allocations of certain Non-Living Areas, based on Occupant Living Areas

"The inclusion of hospitality properties in our new BOMA 2023 Multi-Family and Hospitality Standard is a significant enhancement, further underlining BOMA's leadership in developing benchmark measurement standards for the real estate industry." says Randal L. Froebelius, P.Eng., BOMA chair. "This latest edition responds to changes across the property class, providing incredible tools and incorporating the wide array of conditions we encounter in today's evolving building designs."

Offered in both print and electronic formats, BOMA's new 2023 Multi-Family and Hospitality Standard is available for purchase through