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At BHC (formally known as Brulin & Co., Inc.) quality and customer satisfaction are top priorities. In order to satisfy customers more effectively, BHC organized their sales talent by product line, providing in-depth expertise specific to the customers’ marketplace.

BHC Sales Specialists will now support either the Institutional line of products (i.e. JanSan, Floor Care, Healthcare, Food Sanitation), OR the Industrial line (i.e. Space & Aerospace, Precision Metal, Transportation, Medical Devices), OR the Production Intermediates line - but no longer all three.

BHC’s valued sales representatives have historically supported a variety of markets, though further research and analysis has lead the leadership team to re-align sales reps with a more narrow focus, allowing them to be content experts in specific industries.

“We believe that a focus by market segment provides a better opportunity for success,” said Dean Pollnow, BHC President and CEO. “Sales Specialist can now concentrate on one market providing more extensive, market-specific support to their customers.”

Product line Sales Specialists provide many advantages to BHC customers including more focus and deeper expertise specific to the products and services they require; high-end training, service and support; a more strategic relationship based on their industry's needs; and in some cases, a new BHC Sales Specialist to help them grow their business.

“Our product lines are unique and so are our customers, now we have the people in place to support them,” said Pollnow. “We believe that our customers will begin reaping the benefits of this alignment immediately, and we look forward to a prosperous future for each of the market segments individually and for BHC as a whole.”

BHC customers can expect to hear from their BHC Sales Specialists for more details.