Golden stars prize

Avmor is proud to announce that Mike Watt, the company's Director for Training and New Product Development, is the recipient of this year's ISSA Canada’s Industry Leadership and Outstanding Contribution Award.

This award is presented to an active member of ISSA in the Canadian professional cleaning industry.  Association members nominate those they feel are worthy. To be considered, the recipient must have a minimum of 25 years in the cleaning industry.

Also, according to ISSA Canada, recipients must have "made an extraordinary personal or professional commitment and contribution to the advancement of not only the individual's company but the Canadian sanitary maintenance industry as a whole."

Many of his colleagues at Avmor attest to his “personal and professional commitment and contribution” to the professional cleaning industry. For instance:

"What impresses me most is Mike’s experience and professional demeanor," says Paul Goldin, Vice President of Avmor and President of ISSA. "He quickly understands our customers' challenges and quickly comes up with solutions addressing their needs."

Mattie Chinks, CEO of Avmor, adds, "One of Mike's many strength's is his ability to listen and relate to people on many levels. He has a wealth of [cleaning] information which he is happy to share and is extremely knowledgeable on many levels."

Avmor recently started a bi-monthly podcast – a Masterclass Series led by Mike Watt - where he shares his wealth of cleaning information, much of which is rarely found in classrooms or other types of custodial training programs.

"Mike was instrumental in helping Avmor start the podcast a few months back," says Lai-Na Wong, marketing manager at Avmor. "When we started, we did not know what to expect, but it has become surprisingly popular."

In each podcast, Watt discusses a different cleaning challenge that most cleaning contractors must grapple with at one time or another.

Mike received the award at the ISSA Canada's Annual Industry Award, Breakfast and Keynote, which was held on Thursday, June 13, 2019, in Toronto.