Cute white robot holding the cleaning tools: a feather duster and a cleaning spray

Although the commercial cleaning market is considered one of the most profitable and sustainable industries, satisfying building occupants, retaining clients and attracting workers continues to be a challenge. According to reports from, that combination makes it a perfect industry for robotics and six companies are stepping up to the plate with options.

Founded in 2009, San Diego startup Brain Corp is developing artificial intelligence software for floor cleaning equipment. They are building Enabling Mobile Machine Automation or EMMA, an AI navigation system that’s capable of automating a range of commercial-grade equipment – everything from industrial floor care machines, to medical equipment and forklifts.

SoftBank, a Tokyo company collaborating with Brain Corp, developed Whiz, a machine designed specifically to vacuum commercial facilities. The equipment is expected to help address labor shortages throughout Japan.

Karcher, a German company well established in the states, developed a platform called Karcher Intelligent Robotic Applications, or KIRA. An automatic scrubber drier, with GPS, texting and data transmission capabilities, it is the first of a complete range of machines coming to market.

Founded in 2014, Canada-based Avidbots announced Neo, a purpose-built floor cleaning machine that uses 3D cameras, AI navigation, sensors, and lasers to clean floors.

A&K Robotics is doing something a bit different than others in the category. The Vancouver-based company developed an automation module that attaches to manual floor machines, converting them into self-driving robots.

Finally, the Taski Intellibot machines are not new to the autonomous category — they were founded in 1985. Known as eco-friendly cleaning solutions, the machines provide "loads of big data" for those putting them to use.

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